10 Romantic Tips for Proposing a Guy

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So, finally you feel you are in love and know that the guy loves you too but is not taking the initiative in proposing you. So, what? Take the lead and propose him and surprise him. Read the following interesting and romantic ways of proposing a guy and try it out.

· Girls seldom take the initiative to propose a guy and when they take the initiative they tend to make it grand. The first way to propose a guy often chosen by a girl is to hire a billboard near the guy’s house to display the love message.
· Girls can also try proposing a guy with flowers, as flowers can melt a guy’s heart too. Just add a note with flowers that you want to marry him.
· Another tip of proposing a man is to shower him with flower petals and then getting down on knees to propose him.
· Try making a video and telling him about your feelings by getting it delivered to him and be with him when he watches it, this way you will get to the immediate reaction.
· You may also try taking him out for a movie and ask the theater staff to display “Will You Marry Me” on the screen just before the movie starts.
· Girls can also propose a guy in a romantic way like announcing the proposal on the radio. However, make sure that your guy listens to radio and that particular station on which you are proposing him.